About us

The idea of Tansen sangeet was conceived with only one goal in mind; the goal of providing the finest education in Hindustani Classical Music and performing arts With the ever-increasing influence of the west it has become imperative for those of us who have been blessed with the opportunity to study music and arts to strive to maintain the relevance of our culture in these times. However, we as an arts’ institution embrace all other art forms regardless of where they might have originated and our aim is to provide a platform in the future where artists and students from all walks of life can come under one roof and collaborate and create something fresh and new, which resonates beyond cultural and geographical boundaries.

Our Team

Nishtha Singh
( Teacher of Fine Arts )


Abhilash Kumar
( Teacher of Vocal & Keyboard )


Pawan Gangani
( Teacher of Kathak )
EXP : 16 YRS


Jagam Shubham
( Teacher of Guitar )


Ayaan Khan
( Teacher of Western Dance )


Sakshi Saini
( Center Admin )


Our teaching model is exactly the kind that is found in the ‘Gharana’ of Indian classical Music. We concentrate on teaching not only the art but also on making the students aware of the culture from which it originated. Only when the students understand the significance of their art form’s history will they be able to transform themselves into true artists. Our philosophy is not that of instant gratification and quick success. We believe that true success comes from the satisfaction that can only be gained by being the master of one’s craft. And mastery of any skill takes not months or years but decades. However, at the same time we are keen on providing our students with opportunities every once in a while to perform on stage, not for the sake of popularity or professional exposure but for the sake of building a sense of confidence in the students. We also understand the importance of inspiration in the lives of artists and especially students; that is why we invite artists from various backgrounds to conduct workshops and perform. This gives our students an opportunity to learn about the various facets of Indian Classical Music & arts and also gives them an opportunity to be up and close with the kind of artists they themselves hope to become in the future.

All TAANZITES – hobbyists and aspiring professionals who wish to enroll for Diploma or Degree certification can do so either at Prayag Sangeet Samiti (Allahbad), Pracheen Kala Kendra(Chandigarh) and Trinity Schools of Music(London)